Squamous Cell Cancers

Squamous Cell Cancers occur far less commonly than basal cell cancers. However, squamous cell cancers are much more aggressive cancers than basal cell cancers. They spread through the tissues surrounding the site of origin. In addition, squamous cell cancers of the ear can spread to the lymph nodes surrounding the site of origin or to lymph nodes in the neck. Squamous cell cancers of the ear look much like basal cell cancers at an early stage. These tumors may just look like sores. They are generally not painful, but grow more rapidly than basal cell cancers. Early biopsy of any suspicious lesion of the external ear is necessary to identify the presence of a cancer. Arrangements for appropriate removal should be made immediately.

Since squamous cell cancers are much more aggressive, surgical removal must be more extensive.

When squamous cell cancers become large, surgery combined with radiation therapy can also be necessary. The added procedure improves the chance for a complete cure.