Squamous Cell Cancers

Squamous Cell Tumors

Overview: Squamous cell tumors are more aggressive than basal cell tumors and can occur on the external ear. They have a higher tendency to spread and require prompt treatment.


  • Chronic sun exposure.
  • Potentially linked to long-term ear infections or chronic irritation.


  • Rough, scaly patches or sores that do not heal.
  • Rapid growth compared to basal cell tumors.
  • May appear similar to basal cell tumors initially.


  • Early biopsy of any suspicious lesion on the external ear.
  • Imaging studies (CT or MRI) to assess the extent of the tumor.


  • Surgical Removal: Extensive surgery is often necessary due to the aggressive nature of these tumors.
  • Radiation Therapy: Used in combination with surgery to improve the chances of a complete cure.


  • More challenging to treat than basal cell tumors due to their aggressive nature.
  • Early detection and treatment are crucial for a better outcome.


  • Protect the skin from excessive sun exposure.
  • Regular monitoring of any skin changes on the ears.
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