Diary of Discovery

June 7, 2000

Dear Dr. Levenson:

Enclosed is a copy of my diary starting December 2nd and 3rd, 1999, one month after my operation, until my first visit to Dept. of Audiology, at the Cochlear Implant Center. A.L.P. tested me and found improvement. You should be receiving a copy of the result. I would like to receive a copy of the articles from USA Today. I will be happy to hear from you, when you have finished reading my diary.

Mrs. TP

December 2-3, 1999 – First Week

    * Heard running water and toilet flushing loudly
    * Heard direction signals of car
    * Heard ignition noise of car starting
    * Heard my footsteps when walking inside and outside house.
    * Heard rustling of paper when reading newspaper
    * Heard telephone, but not usual sound of ringing
    * Heard traffic and noise when walking outdoors
    * Heard background noise in restaurant
    * Heard door bell ringing
    * Heard timer ticking and kitchen clock ticking
    * Heard fire engine outside
    * Heard microwave’s ending beep and heard microwave running

December 10-17

Was able to hear singing on TV. Could hear the words, but the music was off-key. The same thing with music boxes. I could not tell what the melody was.

I heard my 3 1-2-year-old grandson say, “good boy.”

I could not hear very well in church. The organ music was very loud and distorted. Could not hear the words the cantor was singing, but I could hear the monsignor singing one of the songs. I could not hear the readings.

I was able to converse with my husband when we went shopping.

December 17-24

Heard my husband dialing cordless phone in the hall, while I was in the kitchen. Heard cars passing when I was in the bedroom near the closed window.

Heard my husband cutting wrapping paper and wrapping Christmas presents and also talking to me while I was in the kitchen next to the living room.

Heard the hissing and jingling noises of pressure cooker. Heard the hissing noise of gas when cooking on the stove. Heard my husband call me from the front door when a friend stopped by to ask me something, while I was in the kitchen.

Heard the vacuum cleaner and it was very loud.

Still could not hear too well in church. Sometimes, I could hear the readers’ words, all according to who the reader was.

I can hear myself much better, and was told when I speak on the phone that my voice is clearer.

December 24-31

Went upstate to my son’s house on Christmas Day and was able to talk and hear the conversations of the family while we were having dinner. I could also hear my son more clearly which was not the case before the operation.

On New Year’s eve, we went to our council as usual. I was able to converse with some of the people when they were close by. I was able to converse with my husband while the television was on. His voice was closer to what I had heard before.

December 31-January 8, 2000

On January 2nd, I went to visit some friends. We were four couples and I was able to hear and converse with all of them as we sat in the living room and at the dinner table.

I was able to understand some of the people talking on television without having to read the captions.

January 8-15

I heard my husband talk to me while my back was turned as I was washing dishes. I heard my husband shaving in the bathroom next to the kitchen, even with the television on.

I heard my husband cutting wood with an electric saw in the basement. The door to the basement was closed , but the sawing was very loud and annoying while I was in the kitchen.

I still could not hear everything in church, but the organ didn’t sound loud.

January 15-22

Started exercise with my walking aerobics tape and was able to understand most of the instructions of the leader. The tape has no captions.

I was able to hear the cantor singing the words when we sat up close to where he was singing.

January 22-29

Heard the bell on the subway which signals the doors are closing. Heard the noise of the train. Heard the heater fan in the doctor’s office.

September 2000: An Update from the Last Entry

After the last visit to the audiologist, I was given the small behind-the-ear processor. I have enjoyed wearing it, especially when going out socially. I have been able to follow the mass at church much better, because I can hear most of the speakers and the priest, and can follow the singing of songs when I sit up front and hear the singer. I can now hear and talk on the phone with a connection to the processor.

In June, I heard thunder for the first time, and also in August when it was much louder. On July Fourth, I was able to see the Boston Pops on TV and understand the singing of the song “76 Trombones,” and hear the tap dancing. I also heard my daughter-in-law speak more clearly with the processor connection. In August, I went to a restaurant with my four sisters, my two brothers-in-law and my husband and I used the table lapel microphone and could hear their conversation and also the waitress explaining the menu. I have been able to hear the birds chirping and the wind chimes. I have been able to hear my husband calling me form the other room and from downstairs in the basement. I can now hear my grandson, who is now 4 1/2 years old call me grandma, and who replied, when I asked him if he wanted more to drink, “No, thank you.”

If the TV is at a certain level, I can hear the voices of the people and what they are saying. I was able to hear the videotape of South Pacific when I used the connection to the HiFi cable. This was without captions and I could hear the conversations of the actors and also the singing and I found it very enjoyable.

Since my cochlear implant ten months ago, I have experienced overwhelming happiness. I am very happy I was able to be a candidate for the procedure and I am thankful for all the professional people who have helped me to come so far. I am looking forward to joyful, continued success in the future, especially hearing my two young grandchildren and, perhaps to hear music as I did before the loss of my hearing.

Thanksgiving weekend I was able to hear my oldest son and daughter-in-law sitting on the right side of the table and my oldest grandson and granddaughter who were sitting on the left side of the table. I was sitting at the head of the table. I was also able to hear my young son and his wife who were sitting at the far end of the table. The following day, I heard the birds chirping in the side yard when I was in the kitchen.

I am now hearing better in church; I can hear some of the sermon and the singer. I am able to hear many of the people on the phone, especially after having tried several phones and having had my processor reprogrammed the first week of December 2000. I hear the grinding of the motor in the microwave and the motor of the refrigerator. I have been able to hear my 4 3/4-year old grandson better and can understand more of his conversation. I can hear my husband using the electric saws and the electric sander in the basement while I am on the main floor.

For the first time during a storm, I heard the noise of thunder several times. I am able to hear musicals that I had seen several years ago, also movies on TV. With my processor connected, I heard musicals on video from my VCR and sang along with them which I enjoyed very much. Several times I heard my husband call me even though we were in different rooms. I was able to hear my husband call me while we were in a busy parking lot. I have heard the noise of airplanes flying over our house when the windows were open. I was able to talk to my husband who was down in the basement and I was at the top of the steps on the main floor.